Monday, April 15, 2002


Made my first non-essential peripheral purchase yesterday at PC Fair. I bought myself an Altec Lansing ATP3. Have been telling myself that I need to get speakers forever and I finally did.

The drive to the fair was almost dangerous. Started out with cloudy skies, then a little drizzle, then full blown storm where I can't even see the car in front of me had they not turned on their lights. The storm lasted about 20 minutes, I think. Halfway though it, I was wondering if I should go on to the city or just make a detour to MidValley Mega Mall where my friends said they were gonna be bowling. But, I presevered through the storm and made it to the fair in one piece.

I wasn't sure what to get when I made myself go to the fair. Should I just get an el cheapo set with just two satelites with no subwoofer or pay more to get something that sounds at least halfway decent?

Walked about the fair (which was quite small, I wonder if there's another section that I've missed!). Getting bumped and pushed by the crowd, I looked around to check out the options. How is anyone suppose to look at things in this crowd is quite beyond me but I tried my best to get to the stalls that carried speakers/sound systems. Quite easy to spot those. Just follow the sound of the blarring music. Did this for about an hour before returning to the first stall that I visited.

They had speakers by Altec Lansing and microlab. Playing around with both brand of speakers, I finally decided on the Altec Lansing ATP3. The microlab ones were cheaper and I was really thinking of getting those. However, the sound of from those sound a little frayed and more so as I turn the treble knob higher and higher. Since I listen to stuff that has more treble than the booming bass, I thought I should take this into consideration. So, I decided on the ATP3 as it sounded more solid.

The packaging for the speakers was huge. I didn't expect it to be so big. Had to drag that all by my little ol self to my car across the street. Heavy but not overly so, I managed.

So, yay. I have speakers for my PC. Now I wonder when I'll get my procrastinating butt to open the packaging and put it together.

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