Tuesday, April 16, 2002

La ... soon as one problem's solved, another one pops up. My computer is now audible. I've taken the ATP3 out of it's box and connected the components together. Sounds terrific.

Once done, I was gonna dial-up to post this happy event. Only to find that the power LED of my modem is off. Oh no!

I unplugged the USB and plugged it into the other USB port. Still no lights. Next got pappa's laptop to check if it works with it. No luck.

The modem's probably fried. I wonder if there's a warranty card lying somewhere for this modem. If I can find it, maybe I can send it back to the manufacturer to have them check it out. Maybe they'll replace it? I have heard however that most manufacturers don't replace modems spoiled by lightning strike.

But first ... have to find that warranty card. Now where did I place that modem's box?

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