Saturday, February 16, 2002

am at work. finally going to catch up on work. have been slagging off the past few weeks. even the idiot's noticed. asking me why i'm so slow these few days. even told the big boss i looked tired and must have been burnt out when big boss asked him where i was the time i was sick.

didn't do much the last two days cause of the meetings i had to sit in. i felt that it didn't involve my department/company much as the project had more to do with setting up network and hardwares than softwares; which is what i do, softwares. so i've just been sitting in. contributing little if any to the meeting. what a complete waste of time.

managed to weasal my way out of the meeting at 3.30pm yesterday and got some work done. still think that the company should really implement the flexi-time practise. then i don't have to 'stay back'. if they did, i think i'd start work at 1pm and leave at 8pm. my ideal working hours.

i'm a night person.

brain doesn't work in the morning. waste of hours spent in office in the morning. never get anything done. wonder why that is.

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