Tuesday, February 19, 2002

club review: nuovo, kuala lumpur

situated opposite the still standing and frequently refurbished emporium club, erected in a spot where this writer have often passed and never knew was large enough for a building, stands the latest night spot to hit the hustle and bustle of the city of kuala lumpur. my first impression of the building is that it must have been quite cheap to build as it looks as though it has been built using aluminium foils. lacking further inspection, this writer was unable to verify this observation. however, the walls does look solid enough from the inside. so, it just might be something stronger than aluminium ... might.

the club's divided into two sections. r&b on the ground floor and rave/house/trance (i still haven't figured out how to tell the difference between those). at least that was how it was on the saturday that i was there. whether or not they have a varying themes on other days is something that this writer will have to find out in a future date.

with full length glass windows surrounding the section facing the main streets (it's in a corner so there are two streets) and sliding doors at the main entrance and at the side, as well as a sidewalk the width of approximately two small tables, the ground floor gave a feeling of space ... until you enter the club. an medium sized island bar, lots of tall tables and plush sofas splatter around the club and a small dance floor takes up the space of the ground floor. it was well lit, although not overly lighted, with a light reddish lighting that i think was quite appropriate for an r&b club. i can't explain why i think reddish lighting seems to fit; it just feels right.

the clientelle in this floor is a pretty good mix. mostly locals with a healthy dose of expats. equal mixture of ethnicity and a good range in age as well. not as young a crowd as, lets say bali in sunway (which rumour has is will be closing down real soon) or the r&b club or*nge on jalan kia peng. working adults mostly, i think.

okay, onward to the 1st floor.

following the counter where you pay your cover charge (around RM30-RM40, must have this confirmed as well since i got in through my friend who bought a bottle), is a spiralling staircase leading up to the second dance area. my friend like the red tinted windows that offers a street view across to the beach club on the wall in which the stairs was placed against. i on the other hand thought it might have looked better in blue. even more so after seeing the room in blue light with white furnishing after a short dimly hallway that greets the end of the staircase. this is a room for people to just sit and have a few booze, similar to a room i've seen at movement. all of the table was reserved that day. we were told to get our bottle from the bar at the dance area which adjoins this blue room so we left that room.

so, we shimmied our way to the dance area. from the entrace, you can see that it was actually a two level space. a staircase on the left of the entrance leads you to a members only section. it has more tables and chairs and a bar plus you have a great view of the dance floor. the dance floor is of a medium size and only starts filling up at around 12.30am but fill up it does way up until the club closes. again, the crowd is mixed although mostly young working adults with a smatterring of older folks about and there were also fewer expats around.

all in all, a satisfying and rather enjoyable trip. would definitely come back to nouvo the next time i need to party and booze.

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