Tuesday, January 29, 2002

you've been hacking and coughing all day long till tears roll out from you eyes. your mouth feels dry from breathing through your mouth cause that's the only way to get oxigen into your body. and your body ... your body feels cold from the air conditioning in the office but putting on the jacket is just too warm. so, you've been putting on and taking off the jacket to stay warm or cool off intermittedly.

now, just 15 minutes to go to official after hours, it's pouring outside. your car is parked in the building across the road. you don't have an umbrella with you.

just how bad can the day get?

not much more, i hope, as there aren't too many hours left. small consolation for such a miserable day.

why didn't i just pack up and go home to my comfortable bed at home? well, maybe just cause i'm not really that sick. just that the bloody cough and stuffed nose is such a bother. had i gone to the doctors, the probably would have just given me my medication and hie my ass back to the office without and mc. so why bother?

i've taken 2 paracetamol before lunch (probably what the docs would give me anyway) and should probably take another 2 right now! in fact i think i will.

right ... just did.

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