Tuesday, January 29, 2002

:: y e s t e r d a y ::

more proof that her imperial highness never learns from her mistakes!

had planned on a day in the city loafing about and checking out the asian junior extreme games that begins yesterday. alone. that is after a little chore of dropping off the envelope for my credit card payment.

what happened was two hours of sitting behing the backseat of my brother's car going toward the city. pros - free transportation (i never drive to town if i can help it. the train is so much more convenient). cons - ... continue reading ...

as i was preparing to leave for the city, stef woke up. she looked bored and didn't seem to have anything to do that day. so, i suggested that she accompany me to the city (mistake #1). waited for her to get ready. brother was also going into the city so got a ride from him.

he stopped to pickup r, his girlfriend. she hasn't gotten ready yet when we got to her place, which was 45 minutes after he told her we were leaving for her place. seems that's typical behaviour for her.

sat at a nearby mamak shop for a drink while we waited. she got there a short while later. we were still having our drinks and bro & stef had just ordered fried chicken.

a slight commotion made me turn my head toward the front of the shop where i spied a police near my brother's illegally parked car. alerted him about it but it was already too late so he left the car there in the illegal spot. hey! since we're already gonna pay for it, why move?

off we go again going towards the city. towards citibank for my chore. towards klcc after that. ... really slowly due to the infamous kl traffic.

since it was nearing lunchtime, we all decided to have lunch together at klcc after my bro finish his chore with his insurance agent (mistake #2). i think me and stef wandered around dayabumi for around an hour or more before my brother finished. if you know dayabumi, you'd know how bored and aimless we had been. great! it's already 2pm by then.

my turn ... my chore. they waited for my while i ran into citibank to drop in the envelope.

while i was in, they were told not to wait so they had to go out into the busy streets. they called to tell me to walk to klcc on my own cause they couldn't wait. fine! tis not that far away so it's fine.

had lunch at my fave cafe chain (at the moment). bro volunteered me to pay for lunch and stef seconded it. urgh! hate stef. i'd just paid my bills and here i am running up the numbers again with this new bill. it was almost a hundred ringgit! remember? it was lunch for 4 person. okay fine. i don't do this too often. it's okay. and bro did give me a lift. hmmm ... this free ride was turning out to cost more than anything.

they didn't have much in mind to do after that, so i suggested my original plan of stopping over at the x-games for a looksee.

boy! was it packed! there was a crowd getting in. a crowd getting to the stand to the stands. a crowd everywhere. only managed to watch a dismayal performance from malaysia's team, wonder how they ever got in! missed the demo by 2 japanese brothers over at the vert cause it was on a different stand. was watching the competitors warm up, there was this really small kid in yellow who was really good and light and this other kid in red who was fast and sharp, and waiting for the games to actually begin when my bro called saying we're heading home. argh! just when it's about to begin!

then ... had to listen to them complain in the car about how everything was a waste of time. how we shouldn't have stopped at the games. how we should have just stayed at klcc and did some shopping. urgh!

i'm going to go back to the games next week. but this time, on my own. i can't seem do anything that i want when i go out with other without them grumbling about something or the other. well guys, nobody forced you to follow me to the games. you went of your own free will.

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