Monday, January 28, 2002

saturday's come and gone. peter didn't ask me out again. so i guess he's either not interested in anything more than friendship or he's just not interested anymore. doesn't matter. i'm fine with it was just maybe gonna give it a shot should it turn out to be more than friendship.

anyway, since i was free on saturday, went out with some friends for dinner and then shimmied over to the newly reopened 'spiral'. supposedly a really hip and happening r&b club before the close down for relocation. they've relocated. reopened last week. even read a review of the club saturday morning in the papers. pretty good review so i was quite psyched about going.

bleagh ... big disappointment! huge! the place looks good enough. bar's an island sorta thing, plenty of places to sit and stuff and drinks was pretty reasonably priced. problem was, the dance floor was small. a little too small in fact, that all of us thought it was more of a bar with a little dance space than a dance club.

however, they still had problems filling that tiny dance space. seems that not many people comes to the club. it was 12.30am and there was barely anyone on the dance floor. plus, the paper's reviewed that the patrons should be slightly dressy ... meaning no t-shirt and jeans but there was this whole bunch of 30-somethings there wearing exactly that. i'm now suspecting whether the reviewer have actually been to the club and wasn't too drunk and have halucinated his whole joyous experience in the club.

we were there quite early at 11pm and the music being played was good. won't say excellent but acceptable. that was before anyone was in there and nobody, absolutely nobody was on the dance floor. then when about 5 person was on the dance floor, the started playing these retro-pop songs! c'mon! how in the world did pop song fit into and r&b club. needless to say, i didn't get up and boogie cause those are just not the songs i'd boogie to. the 30-somethings didn't seem to mind. in fact, i think they kinda enjoyed it. me, i was just sitting back and laughing at the ways some of them danced. LOL. i know. i know. shouldn't laugh at people just cause they have two left feet but it was just so hilarious i couldn't help myself.

all in all, not a very nice place to go. i wouldn't go there again. what with the lousy music and sleazy crowd. oh! forgot to mention the crowd. there was this bunch of nigerians and one of them tried to pick-up a friend of mine. he was so full of himself. saying how he's a son of a diplomat, how he likes fat women (my friend's kinda on the plump side but she's cute), how much he loves her. my friend was not impressed. not impressed at all. he even asked her if she was a lesbo cause she keeps sticking to me. newsflash guys! girls tend to stick together either when they are uncomfortable with your advances and wants you to hie your ass away from her or when they really like you and am discussing whether to give you a chance (this indicated by giggles and coy looks in your direction). so, take your cue guys and leave or proceed accordingly.

so, in conclusion, i didn't have a nice time and this outing currently hold the record for me dancing the least songs. i usually can go on for hours at end on the dance floor. if you're horny and are on the lookout for some dark meat, you could probably get some action here. otherwise, you'd do better heading somewhere like 'the beach club' or 'el nino'.

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