Sunday, January 06, 2002

Sent out a mass sms message through mtnsms to people who might possibly have plans for tonight asking whether they did and whether I could join them. I was that bored. Received two replies. One from Azfa saying that she might be meeting up with this other guy that we know, his name escapes me right now ... ah yes! Ruben. Another from Push, asking whether I was still bored.

Replied to Azfa and asked whether she's like to hit the clubs tonight and we did. Just got back from it in fact. Was there for only about 2 hours. A short period. Wouldn't have minded staying out later but she had to go home ... curfew. Went with 2 other girlfriends. Pretty good outing compared to just sitting at home. Was quite fun ... they did a lot of bitching about this girl that we went to school with. I don't mix with that girl so I don't know any juicy story about her. Just contributed to the things that they could do to get back at her.

Bitches unite! Muahahahaha!

I really needed to go out. Haven't gone out for quite awhile. Not even during the weekend preceeding New Years. For 4 days, all I did was sit at home during the day. Only day I went out was on Monday. To the beautician, to watch LOTR and then No Black Tie for Maharajah Commission's (friend's band) performance.

I've been a pretty good girl, just staying at home. Needed a little break.

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