Tuesday, January 08, 2002

What 2002 has in store for Sagitarians (including her imperial highness ... Empress) as stated in CLEO magazine, Malaysian version, January 2002:

You: From March to August, if boredom sets in, dig deep - working out the meaning of life will lead to great new hobbies and people. By Septemberm the travel bug will bite - compormise and you'll have an amazing time, but wanting everything your own way could blow it. Men: Until July, your high expectations could scare guys off but from then on, you're likely to meet a humanitarian who is as concerned with the state of the world as he is with his wallet and looks! Doing things you feel are worthwhile will lead to Mr Perfect. By November, there'll be fiery passion and words, but making up will be fun! Love will get serious in December. Work: Until March, under your happy go luncky exterior fighting for what you want will bring powerful results. Concentrate on your dreams, and you'll get the success that you deserve. But from Auguest, be careful that you don't wear yourself out. Pace yourself, promotions will come your way. Friends: Until May, if a friend tries to knowck your confidence, give them heaps! They may have issues, but taking it out on you is not an option. In June, you'll be full of fun, but very blunt, so try to be gentle with your more sensitive friends! Affirmation: This year I am attracting people who will enhance my life on every level and support my dreams.

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