Saturday, January 05, 2002

At home and bored!

Ex-Cambridge students and I don't seem to be on the same page on anything. My company's has lots of them and I am currently working with one of them. You just can't imagine the amount of time required to get a simple straight answer from them. It's like talking to a politician. They say a whole bunch but I never get an answer to my question.

Yesterday evening, just before leaving work, I had a discussion with that colleague, y'know, the one I always bitch about. It was really just me asking a question and then him trying to answer. I call it a discussion cause that one question took him half an hour for him to reply to a semblance of what an answer is to me. The answer finally came when I asked hime to just give me a simple yes or no answer. I felt a bit like a lawyer cross-examining a person on the stand and that person was trying to justify his answer. Thank goodness I didn't choose to study law instead. I'd probably be bald from pulling my hairs out out of frustration.

Today's a boring day. Woke up. Mopped the whole house ... all two and a half floors! I used to do this almost every week last time but I've been shirking my duty. One excuse after another for escapes. Bad Empress!

Had planned on giving the car a wash and vacuum but woke up too late for that. The sun's too strong. I'd get burnt if I did. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Master procrastinator at you service!

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