Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Right. So this new classical crossover guy. His name's Josh Groban and he's a baritone. I'm not much for voice quality and the whole shebang about how good a person's voice is. I only know what I like and what I don't. And I like his voice. Some says he's more pop than classical and that's fine. I love mixes. I think mix can be a good thing. Anyway, this guy's been on Ally McBeal twice. Guest-ed for other classical crossovers such as Sarah Brightman (love) and Charlotte Church (dislike).

I saw two clips from Ally McBeal in which he sang (of course) from this site. At the end of the clip/song, I had tears in my eyes and a wide smile on my lips. Must have looked like an idiot but thankfully, everyone at the office has gone home. Then after watching the second clip, I could have bawled right in front of my PC ... at work! But I didn't. I'm quite controlled about this bawling thing. Unlike when I was a kid where I cried at every chance.

So now, I have a whole collection of crossover that I like; soprano (Sarah B), tenor (Russell Watson) and baritone (Josh Groban). What else am I missing in this collection?

To listen to Josh Groban's entire debut CD, goto http://www.buzztone.com/josh. Tell me what you think. Am I being pretentious again?

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