Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Had a discussion with some people yesterday. My dance partner's setting up a dance formation team, in which yours truly is included. He's actually come up with an agreement letter in which we'll have to sign, indicating our commitment to the team. Letter includes code of conduct and even practise wear. Geez! Practise wear. Can't we just wear anything so long as we can dance? First practise session is this Sunday at the ungodly hour of 9.15 am. Hey! It's Sunday! Nobody should get up before 11 am. ... okay fine, 10 am then.

Hope this works out. I don't mind making some money on the side. Especially now that I'm seriously thinking of taking up voice lessons. Someone suggested Eddie Chin, a well known baritone in Malaysia. However, he's gonna be expensive. According to an ex-short-span-student of his, he charges $90 per lesson. Whoa! Would really, really love to though. Will have to think long and hard about it before giving Mr Chin a call to check he's still taking in students.

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