Friday, January 18, 2002

My brakes doesn't seem to be working too well. It's a good thing I wasn't speeding when I found that out. Crawled like a snail this morning to get to work. Have to tell my dad about it. I'm not sure where to take the car for servicing. There's the wireman and then there's the mechanic. When do I go to a wireman and when to a mechanic? People should write stuff like this down or tell us about it during drivers ed. Driver's ed's a waste of time here. All we do is sit there for about 6 hours listening to some guy drone on and on about nothing of importance. Some people slept through the class and some started flirting with some kids - kids mainly cause someone 21 while most were only about 17. Anyway, it was a waste of time.

It's Friday today. Maybe I'll start giving all the potential voice coaches a call later. There's this one guy who seems to be teaching a lot of the members of the Selangor Phil Choir and come highly recommended by Cheryl. Although Cris says that he's all booked, Cheryl thinks that I should call him up and try and that he might take me if he thinks I am serious and have potential. Hmmm ... I'm not sure whether I have potential but I'm serious though. So, fingers crossed.

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