Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Fuck! I forgot I disconnected the line before I clicked post. Darn! Everything's gone.

Next time, when I'm writing at home, I'm gonna do this. I'm going to write in notepad first and then copy to blogger. That way, it won't get lost.

I was just saying that I've just finished putting my towel stand together. Yeap! I finally got myself a towel stand. Not the gorgeous, expensive $170 I was salivating over but a cheap yet nice substitute. Twas only $31.90 from the new Ace Hardware store in MidVallley Megamall. It's not completely altogether as yet. Eight of the screws they gave were too small. Will have to go the the shops to try and get them at least one size larger. BUT ... the stand is standing. The only unfinished parts are the handles.

Another good news! The window man finally came through. We thought he'd given up ... I mean we've almost given up on him. It has been more than two months since we commissioned him to make the window. The window's for the hole in the wall between my room and the kitchen. Finally the 'titanic' and 'deep impact' posters (which were serving as temporary covers) have been taken down. Thank you guys, you've served me well ... and now, it's off the the bins for you. Muahahahaha!

Such an ingrate!

Choir's restarted. Good turnout -- which not doubt start dropping off like flies as the weeks go by.

Discovered a new classical crossover guy two days ago. Will tell more tomorrow. I'm too sleepy now. Will reconnect, post this and go to bed.

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