Tuesday, December 11, 2001

There's a new TV in my room. A 29" Sony Triniton. Great isn't it?

Well, I'm not so sure. For one, I didn't buy it. My dad did. It's only in my room cause it was previously the dining room and we've always had a TV in the dining room and so the aeriel cable is there. There are plans of moving the cables to the hall ... or maybe the soon to be AV room that is to be built (god know when). So, for the time being, it's in my room. According to my sis, Stef, this proves that I'm papa's girl. He gets a new TV and it's placed in my room.

Actually I'd rather not have the TV in my room cause then my grandma, sister or whoever's on that floor at the moment who wants to watch TV will be in my room. The whole point of me having a room for myself is just that ... so that I HAVE a room for myself. Not shared with everyone else. I can't even change in peace cause my grandma would probably be in the room and I really dislike chasing her out of the room when she's watching the TV.

Thirdly, the money used for this recent purchase would be from my dad's retirement funds. It's okay if he wants to indulge a little but a new TV on Sunday and a whole speaker system and DVD player two weeks before that is really expensive. The money will dwindle away and where would he get more? He has plans of having his own GPRS mapping company, which he has already registered for, but who's to know what business is going to like? He might profit ... which would be great ... but he might also make a loss and then where would he be with all the money gone? Of course, I'll try and give whatever I can ... I won't see my family starve ... I'm not entirely heartless ... but I'm not exactly making a whole lot. Just enough!

Why is he acting like he's as rich as Croesus when he's not? Mid life crisis?

Sometimes I think parents are just like us. They like to indulge in things that pleases them and would do it whenever the opportunity permits. Just that when they have kids to support the opportunity doesn't permit that often especially since the cost of a University education is so bleeding high now. However, I still think papa shouldn't be using all this money to purchase all these gizmos. He still has two daughters that are still in school. One of which should really, really be enrolling for University SOON! The other has one more year of high school before University. That'll be two kids in University in one go. That's a lot of money. Hopefully, they'd be able to get scholarships. They're pretty smart unlike their dumb geek of an elder sister. ;)

Still ... like us, when our parents tell us not to do things that we want to do, parents don't listen to us either. So, what we have here is a deadlock. We don't listen to them; they don't listen to us. We can only hope that the outcome is not disasterous.

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