Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Still in the glooms.

Went out full of christmas spirit after dinner to the mall to get more ornament for the christmas tree. At the end of the trip, I was down in the dumps. All trace of christmas cheer gone!


Well, once we (my dad, Stef and I) got to the mall, we went to the bookshop to get a large envelope which we needed to mail the present we've bought for Fehn, our cousin in England. Christmas spirit, still high. Found the envelope, browsed the bookshop a little and then headed to the CD store cause my dad wanted to look for a christmas CD by Ray Conniff(?).

We separated from papa for awhile so that we could go to Living Quaters, where Stef said they were selling some nice christmas ornaments. ... It's closed. Chrsitmas spirit, lowers but still good. Went to the CD store ... Papa couldn't find Ray Conniff. So, he headed to the next CD store in the mall. We, went to Body Shop cause they've got so many lovely things on display we just had to go in for a looksee. Stef bought a couple of floating candles and then we were off to join papa.

No Ray Conniff ... but there were a whole bunch of other christmas cds available. Stef and I recommended a 3-CD compilation to my dad. It has a slew of people in it from Mariah Carey to Judy Garland! So, that a pretty good CD. I didn't notice that the first CD was a songs 'in the style of ...' thing until this morning. Meaning songs in that CD's not sung by the original artist. I think. Not sure yet. Must go home and try that CD tonight. ... Anyway, papa wasn't too sure about getting the CD. We told him it should be good and then he finally said okay. Then, my big mouth of a sister said that I would/should pay for the CD and papa seconded the suggestion stating that since he's retired, he doesn't have money. Hah! What about the new gizmos he just bought! ... But fine, okay, christmas spirit was still good, although was quickly heading south, so I paid for the CD.

Next stop, new christmas lights. Needed new lights for the christmas tree. Our old lights are red and sort of make the tree kinda gloomy. Needed something brighter. Clear or yellow lights maybe and preferable doesn't blink/run. I don't like running lights. Too distracting. Too busy. Found it at Tops. They had 3 colour options. Clear (which is sort of a yellow), orange (darker yellow) and blue. Plus, they have a button which allows you to decide whether the lights should blink, run or just light. Pretty cool I think. I picked the clear lighted one cause I wanted the tree to look brighter and I pointed to one of the tree that had the clear lights on as example for my dad. He stood there considering whether the example was actually the orange light instead of the clear. I told him it was the clear light and the salesperson attending us confirmed it.

Nevertheless, we headed to the tree to check out the multiple light options to see how it looks on the tree. I thought it looked pretty good and since our tree is a shade darker than the example, it'll look even better. At this time, Stef who was browsing elsewhere had joined us. Papa still stood there doubting the lights were clear instead of orange. I told him that it was and also told him that the salesperson had confirmed that but he was still looking at it doubtfully. ... Christmas spirit going a notch lower. ... So we stood there argue the colour of the lights for a few minutes. Then he asked the salesperson, again, whether the lights are the clear lighted ones. This time the salesperson said, 'It's orange light.' The gall of that woman!

'Oh! Wait, no no I think it's the clear light. I'm not sure. Looks quite like the orange light doesn't it', she continued.

Incredulously I replied, 'It's the clear light, I'm sure.' Of course it's not the orange lighted one! Was I the only person there who's not colour blind!

Then papa was pondering again. I went, 'Pa, it's the clear light, really. It's the clear light.'

'Why don't we try it and see.' said papa indicating the clear light box that he was holding.

I insisted that it was the clear light and we do not have to test it. Why do these people not listen to me?! Then Stef said the thing that had my christmas spirit plunging down to the negatives. 'Why don't you just shut up? Shut up and let papa try it if he wants to.'

Whatever happened to respect for your elders? How can she just tell me to shut up! Especially since I know I'm in the right! So, I just stormed off and said, 'I'm going to buy the ice-cream.'

I didn't speak to them the whole time walking to the car nor did I inform them that I was gonna stop at the bank to update my passbook. Just drove in silence. Got to the bank and fuck! the fucking passbook update machine's not in service. Argghhh!!!!!!

Got back and went straight to my room. Trish was there watching TV. Left soon after I went in. She always does. Changed to comfy clothes and sat watching whatever Trish was watching. It was some comedy festival thing filmed in canada in 1995. Pretty funny stuff. It's like the Universe is trying to cheer me up. Had a bit of a laugh and felt slightly better. Then surfed the channel a little (little cause I only have 4 stations and 1 station which depends on whatever the upstairs cable decoder's tuned to) before settling on the cable channel which was showing 'Hurricane'. Very good show. It's about how these 4 people who helped free Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter from false imprisonment after one of them read his book. Makes me feel better that such people do exist.

Went to bed feeling slightly better.

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