Thursday, December 13, 2001

That was freaky! I was typing in todays blog and all of a sudden, word start disappearing. Then when I clicked post, the whole browser disappeared. Wonder what happened? Maybe I should do a proper shutdown to clear up memory. My PC hasn't had a shutdown since Monday ... but it's only been four days. Should be alright. I've gone through weeks without shutting down with no problem at all. Hmmm ...

Anyhoo ... as I was saying, Snorland's down. Another comment system having problem. Too lazy to look for a new comment system right now ... so if you want/need to comment on anything, email me instead.

On a cheerier note, the new christmas lights are up! Yay! The tree looks great but still a little bare. Am on the lookout for more christmas ornaments. Long dangly ones I think cause the ornaments on the tree now is pretty rounded - they're all christmas balls ... red and white ones. It's also got two long ribbons threaded through the tree, an angel almost at the top, two turtle doves (*and a partridge on a pear tree* ... just kidding) one each beside the angel and, of course, a star at the top! Wish I had a digicam *hint* *hint* so I could take a picture of it and show it to you. So, long dangly thing will lengthen things a bit and make the tree look nicer don't you think?

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