Monday, December 10, 2001

I never knew singing can be so exhausting ... but then, I don't know a lot of things and that's just another thing I've found out that I know I didn't know.

Saturday's performance with the Selangor Phil Choir was pretty good ... meaning, we didn't get booed, we didn't start at the wrong time and did things as we were supposed to do ... although we did start about half an hour later than scheduled. We, the choir, blame Phillip (the conductor) for that cause he was late! ... as usual. He in turn, blamed it on the traffic; which was really very bad that day. And then he had a little spat with Cris when she complained about him changing the music arrangements, yet again. Things were okay once we started singing. It was at Starhill, a shopping complex. Not much audience audience there. People are too busy shopping.

After that was the small choir's turn. We're called 'Streetvoiz'. Things were so-so. I wouldn't say great. Okay. ... up to the last song that is. We kinda bungled up 'Feliz Navidad'. The piano started in a C. We practised in G. And we couldn't really hear the piano cause it's muffle; it's a clavi, not a real piano, so we kinda didn't know when to start. We sounded really bad for that and had to restart the song. Sounded passable after that.

A few of us went to have dinner at a place near our next performance. I had capati with curry mutton. Yum! Haven't had that for quite awhile now. It was delicious. Then headed back to the hall where we performed on Friday night to fix up the decorations before the performance starts. Apparently the decorations were kind of a joke. Was told by some that the decorations were falling down while we were singing on Friday. Wow! Must have been a rousing performance! Haha.

The audience was more responsive that day compared to the night before. They sang with us when asked and clapped more! :) We did make a mistake though in one of the song. Phillip forgot to cue us in and we were waiting, unsure as to whether we should go ahead and sing or not. Thankfully he cued us in at an appropriate time and kudos to Wen Li for improvising on the accompaniment.

Was totally drained when I got home on Saturday night.

Slept till late on Sunday and then had to get ready to go for more performance in town. Streetvoiz had two sessions and Selangor Phil had one. Everything went well. Streetvoiz got an encore on the second gig ... planted audience from the Selangor Phil choirsters. Thanks all the same guys. Thanks to the few groupies we have as well.

Exhausting work, singing. Can't wait for next week when we'll do it all over again. Next weekend only Streetvoiz will be performing at the shopping complexes while the Selangor Phil will be singing to a group of nuns at a convent. After that we will have a Christmas party a week after that.

Yay! Paaarty!

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