Sunday, December 16, 2001

Countdown to two dozen years of life - 5 days to go.

Today marks the last day of Streetvoiz's last christmas performance. I'm glad that all the christmas programs are over and done with. It's was tiring work ... now all we have to do is sit back relax, wait for the money to come in and for the Selangor Phil's christmas party the day after me birthday. There is a little thing that some of us from Streetvoiz will do on Sunday after the party. Some children's party at some place ... suppose to get together on Friday to practise some songs for that but Friday's my birthday so I told them I might not be able to attend practise ... I'll try my best. A birthday dinner just won't be a birthday dinner without the birthday girl would it?

I have no idea when the tradition of having a family dinner on someone's birthday started. It sure isn't the norm as I was growing up. I still remember the pandan sponge cake, mom brought back from visiting a friend at the hospital who just gave birth, that was passed off as my birthday cake! How pathetic was that? Anyway, the whole of this year, whenever it's someone's birthday (family member only, of course), we go out and have a family dinner ... not that I'm complaining of course, just that ... it's not the norm! When in the world did we adopt this tradition?

Back to the what I did today stuff ...

Got up so early for a Sunday and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I gathered the two videos that two very kind soul mailed to me to watch them. Thanks Elsie and Nicole. I must have received Elsie's tape like two months ago or so ... just couldn't find the time to pop it in the video to watch ... that and that the vcr's in my parent's room and I don't like watching it with them ... my mom likes to add to the script ... this morning, they were at a cousin's wedding so their room was free and all sibs were still asleep. Hence, the perfect time to indulge in my dose of Russell Watson; that was what was in Elsie's tape. She'd kindly recorded RW's concert at the Taj Mahal (in America not India).

Fabulous concert! And there were duets with Lea Salonga and Natalie Cole. Just yesterday one of the Streetvoiz guys were saying that I should sing Lea Salonga songs while we were bumming and singing while waiting for the technicians to set up the mics for our second gig. Is that freaky? Usually don't talk about Lea Salonga and then twice within half a day. Maybe it's a sign ... of what I have no idea. Hah!

After that, watched Nicole's tape. It's a scooby doo episode with the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies as guest stars! Tres cool!

Hmmm ... I'm thinking of recording the RW duets and the BBVD song onto MP3. Don't quite know how to do it yet. Will have to think about it. If anyone knows how to, email me!

Next, time to put on my toolbelt and assemble grandma's 3-drawer chest. Did that in about 2 half hours and then it was time to rush off for the gig ... that's after a quick shower, change of clothes and make-up. I think I made it in record time getting to Lot 10 - the venue of the gig. I thought I was going to be late but I was just in time. That's due to the really smooth traffic on the way to Lot 10; all thanks to the long weekend due to Hari Raya, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadhan.

Went to a Muslim friends house for 'Open House' after the gig. Had yummy Hari Raya food cooked by his wife - am told that she owns a restaurant at a really trendy part of town. Ate, talked, laughed and then tis time to go home.

Listening to the Royal Crown Revue that Danny burned for me on Friday. Good stuff.

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