Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Countdown to two dozen years of life - 3 days to go.

Ooops! Missed yesterday's countdown. Was out watching Spy Game, the movie starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford, with Stef. Excellent movie. Stef thought it was a little slow but I thought it was great!

Anyhoo ...

Have you ever gone to a shoe shop and requested a shoe in your size or whatever size you were looking for? What does the salesperson tell you when they don't have it? Do they recommend another style of shoe which they do have in the requested size (which I think is appropriate)?

I went to look for the pair of sandals that my grandma's been pestering me about ... yes pestering ... 'Have you bought it yet? Have you bought it yet?', she'd go every morning since I told her that my aunts have left money asking me to get it for her. Well, I finally went yesterday. Found the sandal and asked for a black pair in size 6. The salesperson came back and said, 'No size 6, size 8 can ah?'

I was thinking of course not what would I do with a size 8? But I didn't voice that out. Instead, I asked whether they have it in brown. Same thing, 'No size 6 ... but got size 8'. I went, 'it's okay thanks' and left the shop. All the while wondering why people would offer shoes two size larger than the one I've requested for just cause they have it? Do they think whoever I was buying the shoe for would be able to wear it? If so, why would I ask for the one which was two size smaller in the first place?

Just thought that was a weird way of selling.

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