Saturday, December 15, 2001

Countdown to two dozen years of life - 6 days to go.

Hurrah! Finally installed the modem into my home computer and it works (evidence #1: this blog!). Have had the modem for two weeks now and didn't have a chance to install it till 2 days ago. After which I discovered that Windows 95 does not support USB ... the modem's USB. So, had to go get a USB supporting Windows that my system can handle. Got Windows Me. Installed that, installed the modem and voila ... Emp is blogging from home.

Yay! Placed the tinsels on the christmas tree and it looks great. Decided to end the search for perfect long dangly ornaments. Tinsels filled up the space ... although, I do think a few long dangly thing might make it nicer ... Stef says to stop placing more thing on the tree though, so ...

I'll try to stop.

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