Saturday, December 01, 2001

Am doing some window shopping when I fell upon Topshop which had internet access. So I thought I'd do a bit of blogging.

So, the operetta last night was 'interesting'. The show was 'Porgy and Bess'. Porgy had a magnificent voice. Really booming. Bess had a pretty nice voice as well and so does the rest of the cast. However, I don't think that Kallang Theatre's such a good place for an opera where the singer do not use microphones. Y'see, when the singers are upstage, they sounds really good and really clear. Well, as clear as any opera singer can sound anyway, pronunciation wise that is. Anyway, when the move further inwards on stage, their voice doesn't really come out. So you can't really hear what they're singing about. Plus, I sat at the stalls, which was downstairs, the slightly pricier seats. Not a good investment, I'd say. The seats are not very well raised and they did not place the seats in such a way that the person behind a row would be able to get a clear view. I had a tall woman sitting in front of me. I'm really short. So, I had to seat a lot to my left so that I'd be able to see what's going on on stage. Does my side hurt after the show.

Well, I'd better go. It says maximum usage for this terminal is 30 minutes. I'm sure I've not exceeded it but I've got more window shopping to do. Will blog more when I go back to Malaysia.

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