Tuesday, December 04, 2001

*snifffff* ... MMmmm .... the smell of coffee. Delicious. Just the thing to wake me up on a day like today. I'm not much of a coffee person. Sometimes it works in waking me up and sometimes it doesn't. There are some people I know who drinks coffee in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and then at night. Basically, they drink coffee all the time. Not sure how good it is for their health though. Some researchers found that the acidity of coffee's not good for health ... but then researchers have also said that chocolates weren't good for health once but now they are. All depends on the researchers huh?

Wonder why coffee works on some people and not on others. And for me, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Really don't like a coffee high though. Especially after an all nighter. I'd be like a zombie after taking coffee after an all nighter. My head would feel like all the blood's up there over on my forehead area. So, everthing sort of concentrated there. And then I won't be able to sleep when I really need to! Eyes wide, coffee high, tired as hell and can't sleep. Terrible.

I've finished my coffee now. Nope. Doesn't work this time. I'm still real sleepy. Maybe I should have gotten a bigger cup. Took a small cup this time.

Racheal must be thinking this girl's crazy. The other day she's talking about chocolates and now coffee. Haha ...

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