Friday, November 30, 2001

What a great night. What a great meet. I don't believe I know when I'd laughed more. The musicals crew meets at last. More than three person this time. This time there were seven people. Seven! What a feat! Congratulations Grace ML for achieving this. We had a great time celebrating Alex's birthday tonight. Alex, tonight, was the thorn among the roses, james bond with his bond girls, a maharajah with his harem .... haha ... he was the only guy who managed to turn up. Besides being the guest of honour of course. We had a bunch of starters. Nobody ordered any meals nor did we have deserts. Weird dinner huh? Was good enough though.

So, what does a bunch of ex-musicals course people do after dinner? Sing of course! After cake, we adjourned to the karaoke on the third floor. Sang our heart out. The song changer was chronic though. Had to wait a century before they load our songs. OMG! I love Fang's voice! Wish I could sing like her! Left slightly after midnight. Rach's got a curfew. The rest had to work. Should have done this on a weekend instead but I wouldn't have been able to attend if they did.

Great night. Can't wait for the next meet. Hopefully the next time will have all these people as well rest of the crew. That is, if they can spare some time from their busy life to attend.

I've finished packing for Singapore and am watching Roswell now. Bachelor Girl's song is in this episode. Can't recall the title of the song off my head but it's cool that they are in the show. Didn't know anyone outside Australia knew them. Don't think anyone in Malaysia still knows them either after their mini concert eons ago.

Anyway, will go read Rach's blog now. She's amazing. Love the way she writes.

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