Thursday, November 29, 2001

Just took two paracetemol. Feeling a little sicky. Think I caught the bug yesterday from Prem last night during our tennis session.

Urgh! Tennis. Played really bad last night. I mean, I don't play well on normal days but yesterday was, like, super bad. I mean, couldn't get anything in the court! Everything went mile high and my double handed backhand ... nowhere to be seen! Horrible. Horrible. Should really just stick to squash.

Hmmm ... just reread my previous paragraph. Sounded a little like my sister, Stef, talking there. With all the 'I mean's and 'like's.

Hope I don't get sick. Suppose to go down to Singapore tomorrow. Got an SMS from Prem & Push after I got home last night saying that they'll be leaving on Friday after all. Their original plan was to leave tonight after work. Thanks guys. Now I don't have to travel on bus. Yay!

Okay time to go pick Mel for lunch with this other bunch of people I hang with. We only seem to have time for lunch and only during work days. Haven't gone out with them anywhere else for a long time now.

Well, I'm off.


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