Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Was just about to eat the chocolates I bought during lunch when I remembered that I've left it in the car. Remembered it when I got back in my cubicle and sat on my chair. Too lazy to climb that flight of stairs and cross the street back to where the car's parked. Thought I'd do it after say five or ten minutes.

That was at 1.30pm. It's now quater to four! Went to the car and got the chocolates out. It feel soft ... really soft ... all melted.Boo hoo. Can't have my chocolates now. I've placed them in the refrigerator at the office upstairs (no fridge in our pantry ... bad!) They're recovering now, I hope. Will check up on them at say half an hour's time.

:( ... I have a chocolate craving. Serves me right for my procratinating nature.

Tough empress, you'll just have to go without for awhile!

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