Sunday, November 04, 2001

*Yawn* really sleepy but I thought I'd blog a bit before bed.

Woke up this morning when my sister came in with Dee Dee looking for a panty liner in my cupboard. Couldn't go back to sleep after that so I just laid on my bed and finished the book I was reading ... and pretending that I'm still asleep. Whenever anyone comes in, I'd drop the book under my quilt and close my eyes. Don't fell like getting up yet.

Gave up pretending after I finished my book. Since I can't get to sleep, I might as well get up and do whatever I have to do today. I needed to go the bank to deposit the cheque for my credit payment. There's only one branch of that bank that has 24-hours banking and drop-in cash and cheque counters; and that's in the city. My mom needed the car, she's going for a perm, so I was going to take a train near my house that requires me to change train. Luckily my dad came home just in time and was going to a place near a station with direct train service to that bank area.

I felt so stupid trying to fill in the fast cheque form. I didn't know what I was doing. Had to ask people around me what I am suppose to fill. Hopefully I've filled it in correctly. *Praying*

Then I went for a little window shopping at KLCC ... one of my favorite past-times. Saw two really gorgeous dresses. They were similar dresses but had different cut on the neckline. You wouldn't believe what it cost! Over a thousand dollars! What can I say? I've got expensive taste. They are really gorgeous but I might not be able to carry them off. It'll look nicer on a person whose slim and tall. I'm neither of those!

Found a new shop there. An aromatheraphy shop. Sells candles and incense and oils ... you get the gist. I bought a purple candle holder and three woodies - little scented wooden balls. The woodies and at work right now making all my clothes smell nice. I've placed them in my cupboard. Candle burner's at work as well. I'm burning my strawberry scented candle in it. The scent from the candle's gone though. It's been a long time since I bought those candles. Just haven't had the chance to light them up.

Rushed back from the city to try to make the 4 o'clock appointment my mom has with this vocal teacher she's planning to take lessons from. The teacher has placed a flyer in the music school's notice board for singers for his choir's Christmas programme. I was late. My mom's left without me.

Later, I went out for dinner with my brother and Stef. Came back from the dinner, had a quick shower and I'm off to my choir's Annual General Meeting (AGM). I thought I was late for the meeting but I must have gotten the wrong time for the meeting. I was sort of early. Meeting hasn't started. Forgot they were providing dinner so I didn't have much cause I've already eaten. After the dinner, we had a singing session. Some people would go up near the piano and sing. I'm too shy to sing in front of this bunch. Most of them have vocal trainings. I'd never had a vocal class in my life. But it was fun just singing along to them. Some of the guys were singing in falsettoes! Lots of laughes.

The whole thing ended almost at 12am. Call Prem to check where they were. Brendan was having his birthday party at the same time of the meeting and I said I'd see if I could make it. I missed the party. Prem was in Jenny's house bumming and watching VCDs. I joined them. We watched 'Heartbreakers' starring Sigorney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'd seen it before but I don't mind watching it again if only for the clothes that Hewitt wears in that movie. They're great! I must be really tired cause I dozed off for a few seconds while watching the movie. After the movie, we left Jenny's place.

And now, ... here I am.

Off to bed now. Ta.

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