Monday, November 05, 2001


I'd originally planned to wake up at 6am for a short jog before going for work this morning. My memory's quite vague as to what happened this morning. Don't remember if my mobile phone's alarm went off or not but I missed my jog.

The next thing I knew, my mom was waking me up. It was 7.30am. My usual wake up time for workdays.

Why I am jogging ... (Planning to jog anyway)

I saw pictures that this other dance couple took for their competition entrance next weekend. The girl, in real life, is this skinny long limbed dancer's body kind of girl. In the picture, she didn't look that skinny. Maybe it's cause she's not very toned, especially her stomach, quite flat but not toned ... does that make sense? Anyway, if I can see her stomach in those pictures, I wouldn't like to see what mine would look like! I've gotta find a costume that hides this but I really like those latin costumes that have slits here and there on the waist area. Really sexy!

... So ... that's why I'm jogging. I'm trying to lose fat! Since reducing my food is next to impossible for me, I thought, if I exercised more, I'd still be able to loose weight or at least tone up. How's my hypothesis? Workable? Let's hope so.

I'd missed my jog today. Must remember to do sit-ups tonight. I'll try the jog again tomorrow.

Hmmm ... remind me to borrow my sister's discman for my jog.

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