Saturday, November 03, 2001

Just got back from dance class. We've finished our cha-cha routine and will be polishing up on techniques next week. I feel a little unstable on some turns. Most of my turns are done on my weaker foot, my left foot. I even have to do a full pirouette on my left. Must remember to spot! Oh yes, must remember to look up as well ... another reason for my lack of stability ... I don't know why I keep looking on the floor. I'm not even looking at my feet! Will have to practise, practise, practise.

Prior to class, I met up with Grace and Karen ... as I've predicted the only two who will turn up for the meet from my musicals clique. I had my shepherd's pie ... mmmmm, yummy. Grace joined us later, she was meeting with a prospect. She works in insurance. She didn't have anything to eat though. I asked her about the Stage Management opening I mailed her about a week ago. She said she received a favourable reply and that the position is actually for Deputy Stage Manager. They guy offered her the job and the rehearsal for the play is to start in Nov 10. She declined saying that she's going to Australia but the guy said that as Deputy Stage Manager, she only has to start work in January. The position's still open to her ... I think ... but she did give the guy contact numbers for other people that she knows that could fullfill the position. Awwww ... wasn't that nice of her?

Just mailed my aunt. She's braving the possibility of a hijack and will be flying home from Ireland for a holiday. Must remember to apply for a leave of absense on Monday.

I'm quite tired. I even forgot to stop by the bank to drop in my cheque for my first credit card payment. Will have to remember to do that tomorrow. Due date for payment is Nov 5.

Off to reply a mail from a quite yummy guy I talked about a few weeks ago.



... ermmm ... Morning.

... whatever!!!


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