Friday, November 09, 2001

Well, celebration dinner with the squash team has been post-poned ... for the third time. This time, Anne can't make it. A case of possible chicken pox. ... and there I was thinking that it was really late for me to get chicken pox when I was 21. While on the phone with Lorrin about the dinner confirmation, I'd warned her that it'll be a really tough job trying to get everyone together for anything. I should know cause I've been trying to get the musical group together for the past year without much success. Best of luck Lorrin.

Oh yes! I forgot. Happy Birthday, Papa!

It's papa's birthday today! Happy 55th!

With this cancellation, I'd be able to have the birthday dinner with him after all. The siblings were planning on what to do for papa's birthday last night. This is what they came up with ... I wasn't much into participating last night ... too tired after the dance practise. So, it's to have a family dinner somewhere and the we'd get the Gold Class movie ticket for him and mummy for 'The One', Jet Li's new movie. All siblings will then be able to do as they please. I have dance class at 10pm so I'm occupied.

This means I'd have to go home early. Meaning I have to really concentrate of finishing my codes before 5.30pm ... that's like in 4 hours time! I don't think I'd be able to make it! Looks like it's gonna be a long day tomorrow at work.

Okay. Have to get moving on those codes now.


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