Sunday, November 11, 2001

Mummy's in one of her moods again. Stef pointed out that she gets this way everytime my aunts come for their holidays. I didn't even notice that it's cause the aunts are coming. I thought it was just one of her moods. Stef can be quite astute sometimes. Maybe it's due to all the time spent at home with mummy. She can read her moods better I suppose.

Papa's on the way to the airport now with Stef and Aunty Ko. Aunty Ko came this morning. Gave me a wake up call this morning at 7.30am saying she close to the train station near my house and to come get her. I was so sleepy. After I got her, went straight back to bed. She was hungry but I just couldn't get myself to go out and have breakfast with her. Too sleepy. Wonder if she did get something to eat?

Anyway, I'm about to go for my facial appointment. I take it that I have to drop my grandma off at the church first since she's still at home. Nobody tells me anything. I have to make all these assumptions. If I'm not free to do the stuff, I'll be on everyone's bad side then.

Ah ... ces't la vie.

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