Monday, November 12, 2001

Today I'm in a mood. Even my colleague noticed. Maybe cause I was very abrupt with her when she asked me a question.

It's all due to my lack of sleep and the fact that I'm suppose to have my program done by not but am still NOT done with it! TL gave me a new deadline. 'Till the day after Deepavali.

Thanks but no thanks! Deepavali's on Wednesday and that's a holiday. Plus, I'll be on leave on Thursday and Friday. Won't be back till Monday next week. Which means ... I'd have to finish this thing by tomorrow evening. Written, compiled and tested!

Hope I'll be able to make it. Lorrin hasn't called whether the squash dinner tonight or tomorrow or ever. Mogan called to invite me to his Deepavali open house. I'll try and make that if I'm done with my program. Guess I'll have to skip choir tonight. Unless I stay up late tonight to get some work done ... again.

I think almost the whole family plus my two aunts have gone up to Genting today. Not too sure whether grandma's gone with them. My brother's got some tickets for the Lion Dance competition that's going on there. Should be quite interesting.

Wednesday just can't come soon enough. I need a holiday! ... like RIGHT NOW!

Urgh! Forgot to get my cup of coffee from Coffee Bean during lunch earlier. Eyelids are swooping shut right now.

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