Friday, November 09, 2001

They must be doing some maintenance work at the office. Where's the memo on that? Didn't get any. For two days, after 5.30pm, the proxy was down. No access to the net. No blog!

Not that I have much to blog about the past two days.

On Wednesday ...(flashback)

ermmm ... can't really recall what I did at work today. More table designs for the extra functionality for the project ... I think ... or was I wasting time chatting with people and searching for places to stick my resume on the web??? I think I did do some thinking on the tables. I'm not a total slack at work, ok?!

After work, went home and later on went for dance practise. Forgot the steps we changed last Friday. Timing's a little off and balance is still missing. Must check with Mr. Lee later on the new steps. Went to bed quite early at about 11.30pm.

Thursday ...

Yay! Finished my table designs. Spent quite a lot of time explaining and reviewing it with TL who's in charge of the project. Added some other fields and changed some of the datatypes. After that, typed up the whole thing in doc format for KB, the database guy. He's in another office which is about 45 minutes away from mine.

Tried to send in the file via Yahoo! Messenger but that seems to fail ... don't know why. Has anyone tried sending files with Yahoo! Messenger? Does it work?

Anyway, I mailed him the doc and then asked him to review it. He's the database guy, I'm not an expert in that field. In case I created some useless stuff, I'd like to know about it. He wanted me to explain how the tables would be used ... so we had a short chat. Short cause by 5.30pm, everything stopped. Connection lost! KB's still confused on how I used the fields I want created to get the stuff that I need.

It looked like it was about to rain. So I went home before it started to pour. It didn't though, but I'm home anyway. :)

Had dinner, watched Roswell and then off to dance practise ... again. Mr. Lee was there so we checked with him on the steps that I was unsure of. He must be so tired of me rechecking my steps again and again. I keep forgetting one part or another of the routine everytime I go for class. Must find a way of writing the routine down ... and then write it down!

Back to the present

Several things to do today:
  1. Call Lorrin to confirm regarding celebration dinner/karaoke ... will do this right after I post this blog!

  2. Start coding on the function

  3. Change leave application ... must try to get it approved before boss leaves ... tomorrow?

Well, that's not too many things is it?

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