Tuesday, November 06, 2001


Why is it that everytime after I've discussed something with him I feel like screaming and pulling my hair out!?!!??! It's so frustrating!


I don't think I'd ever work well with this co-worker of mine. Urgh! Still frustrated. I need to smash something!

Let's try another topic.

My mom just got her mobile phone number. My dad's friend gave him a mobile phone for his retirement during the retirement dinner they threw for him. He's retiring on the 9th, this Friday. They actually asked him what he wanted as a retirement present. 'Would you like a watch?', they asked. 'No, I just got a watch from my brother recently. How about a mobile phone?', says Dad. And they gave him a phone! So nice of them. And then, my dad gave the phone to my mom cause she's the only one in the family, besides my grandma, who doesn't have a mobile. Awwww ... so sweet.

It's not like my mom really need a mobile. She's usually at home. Her only busy day would be on Sunday when she helps out at the Vihara (Bhuddist temple).

Hmmm ... where was I? Had to go move my car out of the parking lot to avoid paying double the fee.

Okay, I think that's all I have to say today. I'm going to go home now. My eyes are so dry and a little red from staring at the screen all day. This happens occasionally.


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