Tuesday, October 09, 2001

The network's finally back online! Yay! 'twas down the whole day yesterday. Couldn't blog the whole day.

Anyway ...

Didn't do much over the weekend. Sort of stayed home the whole day Saturday except when I went to the mall for a late lunch. Did a little window shopping while I was there as well. I see several items that I'm interested in at the mo. One's a faux leather after the knee length skirt from U2. Nice but the length not too good for me. I short. Wearing that length might make me look even shorter. Next there's the 2 mini's at Topshop. Better length for me but they didn't have my size plus it cost a whopping $109 bucks! Imagine that!

After the mall, just stayed home and watched some movies. I watched 2 movies. The Musketeer and O. I really liked the Musketeer but then I like most movies in that setting plus it had Tim Roth. I think he's a really good actor. Underrated cause he's not gorgeous looking but he's great. Especially when he's a baddie, like when he was in Rob Roy and Hoodlum. He's great as a goodie as well especially in 'The Legend of 1900'. I've seen it numerous times! O's an okay movie. It's a movie I would describe as a movie that's 'just there'. Didn't leave much of an impression. It's not bad but not good at the same time. Just there. Of course, my sister loves it cause she really like Josh Hartnett.

Didn't even want to go out when my friend asked. Friday must have taken a toll. Either Friday or the whole week since last Saturday. Either way, my legs just didn't want to move anymore. So, I vegged out in front of the telly. I don't mind it at all really. I'm a couch potato. Can't sit in front of the telly whole day if there's stuff for me to watch.

Sunday was a day wasted ... wasted like a whole hour searching through the mall looking for my brother. You see, earlier on we had lunch at Dome's and then my sister wanted to look for the new Garbage album ... which I repeatedly told her that wouldn't be out so soon in our godforsaken country! So we went ahead to the CD store and me brother went to look for some computer games. Long story short, we couldn't find the IT center and spent the whole time scouring the mall for my brother. We went back twice to check that his car was still there. The second time we even waited there for 15 minutes. When we went back in to the mall to search again, I found the IT center (finally). Couldn't find him there and went back to the car ... except this time the car's gone. The last search only took 5 minutes! I should have waited at the car like my sister requested. Urgh! We ended up taking a taxi home and arrived just before my brother. After that, nothing much happened. Went for a dance practise with my dance partner and that was it. The goes Sunday.

Monday was a no brainer. Went to work. Network down. No net activity. Choir practise. Back home.

Oh, I'm starting my private dance lessons this Friday. My dance partner wants to enter competitions. He's actually won a novice comp before. I wasn't his partner then though, if you wondering. Will see how that goes.

Hmmm ... I'm down to my last sachet of green tea. Will have to stock up.

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