Friday, October 19, 2001

Imagine that! I came in to work today as usual. Turned on my PC and started to tune in to my usual NetRadio showtune channel. Imagine my surprise when I got the announcement that they've closed down for good. I was just listening to them yesterday and mentioned it in my previous blog!

So now, I have to search for a new showtunes radio station to listen to. Currently listening to the one in Barnes and Noble. Not very good. Sound dynamics varies too much. I keep adjusting the volume knob. Plus, there isn't a button to stop play. So, I'm still searching for another.

Went for more salsa last night. This time I went with my co-workers and some of their friends. Was pretty good except this time I had to pay for lessons ... 20 bucks. Me being a cheapie and all might not go again next week. And there I was raving to my friends about how great the lessons were and held at no cost. Sorry guys, my bad.

My friend called me and said that friend asked for my email and wanted to ask me a question. I have yet to receive any email from the guy. Wonder what he wants to ask me. Don't really know the guy. Actually only met him twice. Once for a pool game and another clubbing at Movement till dawn. That was pretty fun. I don't know, I keep wondering what he wants to ask.

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