Monday, October 22, 2001

Another uneventful weekend.

Spent the whole day Saturday sleeping. Well, not really the whole day but most of the time anyway. First I got up late, didn't have work that day ... hmmm ... I can't really recall Saturday. Can't figure out what I did between the time I woke up till the time I went back to sleep again in the mid afternoon. Did I watch the telly? I know I read a little before I slept again ... but what did I do before that? C'mon brain, work!

This is why I should write in my blog daily. I can't remember things that happened 2 days ago. Don't even ask me what I did when I was a child! I think I've got RAM for brains. Everything clears out after 'shutdown' at night.

Anyway, after I woke up about 6pm ... mainly cause my sister and brother's girlfriend Renee was making a racket in the kitchen which is next to my room ... I felt really hungry ...

Oh! I just remembered what I did between my sleeps! I saw Angela's Ashes over on cable. Really good show. Liked it a lot. It's based on the book of the same title by Frank McCourt. Haven't read the book but I'll try and read it once I've finished all the books I've rented and borrowed. Yes, you can rent books in this country. Works like the video store except it's books instead of videos. You'd think this service should be provided by the library didn't you? Well, lets not get me started on the state of our libraries. I usually refer to them as the archives. I wonder if other countries have stores that rents out books as well. Are there?

Okay ... where was I? Hunger. Felt really hungry and a little light headed after I woke up cause all I had all day was instant noodles. So, I went to the mall with my parent to have dinner ... sis, bro and Renee didn't go cause they made dinner, which didn't include the rest of the people in the house, selfish aren't they? Happens really often this exclusion. I'm immune to it. Whenever they prepare dinner/meal, I'd just assume that I'm not included.

Later, went to the Rouge for some dancing with people in a class I help assist at my dance school. We stayed till quite late. I think it was about 3.30am when we left.

Sunday was quite uneventful. Had a facial appointment at 11am. Alarm went off at 10am. I finally got up at 10.30am. Headed straight for the showers with my dad bellowing through the door that I'm to send my grandma to church. I thought well okay, it's kinda on the way so I'll only be slightly late. Sure no probs. Finished showering, heading to my room, dad yelled that I'm to pick up my mom from the temple and bring her home. I, in turn, yelled back that I'm late for my facial and can't do that cause I'd be really late. Went in my room, changed and by the time I got out, my dad and grandma was out the door. ... 'Okay. Whatever.'

Went for facial ... only 5 minutes late ... came back, went for lunch. Came back just in time to watch the rerun of the Roswell pilot. Not a bad series. It replaced Buffy. Not a bad replacement. Dance practise right after Roswell ... 30 minutes late. Do I sound like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland?

Got home, watched 'La Femme Nikita' which my mom taped for me on Thursday. Great episode. It's the one where Nikita first meets Adrian. Don't know the episode title but it's in the second season. They'll be showing 'End Game' this Thursday. If I'm not mistaken, that's the season finale? Hope they'll continue with season 3.

End of weekend.

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