Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Bad luck ... a whole string of them in less than an hour.

We have a saying in Malaysia which goes 'Sudah jatuh, ditimpa tangga'. Literally translated, it says 'You've fallen and a ladder falls on you'. Basically, one bad luck after another.

That's what it was like yesterday. Everything started out like a normal day. Go to work etc etc. Being a Tuesday, squash training as well. First incident - twisted my ankle playing with one of the guys. The game is this weekend. It feels like only a slight sprain ... so hopefully will be able to recover by this weekend. Still have 2 more days recovery period. I can walk and everything just that I can feel something ... the sprain ... around my ankle. A bit cautious about running. Which reminds me. Have to cancel dance practise with partner tonight. Must remember to call SM.

Got home for dinner. Incident #2. My brother's finished all the food. He usually doesn't even eat at home. Why did he have to eat yesterday?

Oops! That was actually incident #3. #2 should be when I got to the door and discovered that my Dee Dee, my dog's, bitten off my slippers. That's the second slipper she's destroyed. Now I have to go find another. Good. Will do this as well as find myself another strappy heels for clubbing. A heel on my last pair of strappys mysteriously broke. Don't remember it being broken the last time I wore it. It's a mystery.

So, had to go out for dinner. Wore my sister's slippers cause mine's totally unwearable. Felt something poking the bottom of my feet when I got out of the car at the restaurant. Ta-da! ... a tiny little piece of glass. This on the same foot as the sprained ankle.

'Twas just not my day!

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