Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Listening to Season's of Love. Ah ... reminds me of the Musical Theatre course I took last year. We sang this song as a group. Check out NetRadio. It's an online radio. There's this station that plays showtunes all day long. That's what I'm listening to now.

Just came off another presentation. This time it's a tool for development. The presenter's such a bore. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Was trying hard not to look like I'm falling asleep cause my boss was in the room as well and it was a tiny presentation room. It's a very expensive tool. I don't think the management will go for this. We'll probably stick with what we're using which is FOC ... less functionality but FOC all the same.

It's my senior's last day at work today. He's off to greater and better things. He says he's kinda feeling the pressure to perform. Seeing as he's gonna get more money from that company. Need to show them that he's worth what they're paying. I'm sure he'll do just fine. Good luck Adam!

Ooooo ... Judy Garland's on! ... *Putting on the Ritz ... ta ta ta*

Will be having dinner with Adam and other co-workers. Sort of like a goodbye/good riddance dinner. Maybe dance practise after that. Still waiting for a call from my dance partner for confirmation.

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