Wednesday, September 26, 2001

*Come shake your body baby do that conga* Whoo hoo. Go Gloria!

What a day to start the day. Love that song. Don't you? Gloria Estefan rocks!

Anyway, got back home way tired yesterday. Wanted to login and write a bit yesterday but couldn't get myself to do it. Just plopped on the bed after I got back from squash training and didn't want to move after that. I did get up eventually to have my shower and dinner and then it was back to the bed. And now ... *Morning has broken, like the first morning ...*

Just had a look at yesterday's paper and saw the advertisement for the York 3-in-1 remote control that I've been hearing about in the radio. Couldn't really hear what they call the remote in the radio ad but now I do, thanks to the newpaper ad. It's called 'U-Rule'. With this magical remote, you'd be able to control your lights, fan and air conditioning all with one remote (Vanna White hand motions). Don't know how this magical remote works so I've asked my mom to call up the York person she knows. My sister just bought an air conditoner for her room. I'll be getting one as well and would like the U-Rule remote as well so, we'll see how that goes, eh readers?

As for today, I plan to go to the mall and get a towel rack for my room. I saw one the other day. Quite costly but I like it a lot. Still pondering if I should get it. My heart is going 'Yes, you should.' but my pocket's going 'No, you shouldn't.'.

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