Monday, September 24, 2001

Lots of things has happened. Just heard that my boss has resigned! Goodness. There sure are a lot of people resigning in this company. I know at least 3 others who will be leaving soon as well. Wonder if I should start applying for new jobs. The market must be really good right now. Maybe some of those people who lost their jobs in NY can come look for some here.

Anyway, remember my dilemma on Friday? Well, I ended up training until 8pm and went to watch the competition later. I was mislead. There really wasn't a competition actually. Just a bunch of people dancing the salsa and then the band members and a judge picked who they liked best. My friend wanted to go cause there's suppose to be a bunch of all-female Aussie dance group that was gonna perform.

He didn't get to watch though. That's the second time he's missed them. He only saw then for a few seconds the last time then came. We had car trouble on the way to The Rouge (venue). The car got overheated. Had to wait for about half on hour for the mechanic to arrive and declare that the car was still driveable with sufficient stops in between. After that we decided to continue on to the hotel since we were already so close. The place was quite packed and pretty good.

Then on Saturday, my dad woke me up to buy paint at 9am. I got in at 3am earlier before finally going to be at 4am so I was really tired ... but, since the paint was for my room, I thought what the heck! Just when we was about to leave the house, it started to rain really heavily so we had to wait till the rain subsides a little before heading out. Waiting for it to stop might have taken another hour or so. Why waste time?

The result of my room ... it is now a very pretty LIGHT LILAC. Sounds nice doesn't it? NOT! I was trying really hard to avoid a 'pretty/girlie' room. Grew up in a room painted in light pink cause my dad thinks it's the color that girls like. Haven't a clue where he get's that from. Therefore, I am not satisfied at all with how my room turned out. I'll just have to live with it for the next few years before a) I get a place of my own and paint it whatever the hell color I want! or b) the time for a new coat of paint comes ... this might take at least 5 years! My sister, brother and his girlfriend all agreed that the red that I painted last week was nicer than this color but hey, not too much I can do when the master of the house dislikes the color. (Maybe I should have had more backbone and insisted that I really wanted RED!) boo hoo ...

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