Wednesday, September 26, 2001

During lunch, I went to have a look at the towel rack ... it's more of a towel stand than a towel rack, really. My friend agreed that it was the nicest towel stand she's seen so far. Anyway, I went with all the intention of buying ... BUT ... after some consideration didn't. You see, the one on display is actually the last one and I don't really want a display unit. That particular unit anyway. The bottom of the legs were a little dirty. I might have taken it if it wasn't. Why should I pay full price for a 'used' item? It is used isn't it?

I don't know. Are display units considered used items? Or are they new? It clear that after you've bought something and use it for awhile, it's labeled as used ... but what about display units? It hasn't been sold but is/was used for awhile by the shop ... albeit only for display purposes. So, are those items new or are they used?

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