Saturday, December 18, 2004

Should but didn't

There are times when there are events where I should have blogged about but don't. It seems that I only blog when my temper flares and in doing so, tend to raise the tempers of others as well. Ah well ... such is the way of bitch blogs.

Anyway, I should have wrote that I won a competition on Sunday.

It was a latin dance competition. Yeah, I finally found a partner. It was this guy from my ex-teacher's class, which I went in a few times to assist a few years ago. Anyway, he just got back from his studies and was looking for a partner. So, we got together, had about four classes and about as many extra practises and went for the competition.

It's nothing incredible. Yes, I did win but we only entered the Beginners category. A few friend from the studio teased me that it wasn't fair for us to join that category cause I have previously competed in Novice/Grade D (one up from Beginners) and once in Pre-Amatuer/Grade C.

Since I've never competed in Beginners before -- due to my previous partner having won in that category and was not allowed to compete in the same category again -- and I've never even been in the finals of Novice, I didn't think it was unfair. Besides, my new partner has never competed here before; only in the collegiates. That's not unfair ... was it?

We won! Ha ha ... at least I can say I won the Beginners. Now I'll try to get in the finals of the Novice and maybe win?

Oh yes! Had a little mishap during the finals. I almost did a Janet Jackson towards the end of the Jive, when the clasp of my costume (a halter neck dress) popped. Luckily I heard it pop and managed to catch it and stepped to the side to try and reclasp it. Didn't manage to though but thankfully, it was towards the end of the dance. One of the adjudicators kept watching me, wondering why I stopped halfway and stepped out of the floor. Guess he must have figured out that I had a problem with my costume when my friend came to help me with it and didn't mark me down for it. *phew*

That was quite a day! Even managed to rush to sing with the choir at the convent before rushing back to the competition to get my results. I wanted to just wear my tracks during the prize presentation but Mr. Lee (my teacher) said he'd rather I don't go out than to let me go out there looking like that. Well ...

... actually he said he'd rather I went out in my underwear than let me go out like that. ;P

I promtly changed back to my costume :)

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