Sunday, December 19, 2004

Broken toys?!

My toys might be broken.

I sent two rolls of films to be developed and both rolls came out blank. One's the first B&W test roll from the Holga and the second's from the Cybersampler.

There could be two possibilities:
  1. the films got exposed in the long period of time that it was in my little white backpack. I think it's been there for a few months. Can't even remember when I took them out of the camera.
  2. the films got exposed when I took it out of the camera. This might be applicable only to the Holga though, since the Cybersampler is just a P&S where the film rolls nicely back into the cannister after you've rewounded it.
  3. the films got sick of tired of sitting in the camera waiting for me to finish them and decided to expose themselves; just to teach me a lesson!
Urgh! Ok ok ... so, I'm not the world's greatest photographer, I'm not even a good photographer. I just like the cameras. :D

Hopefully they're not broken. :( Will bring the Holga out for a walk tomorrow and finish the roll that's in there.

Please work!

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