Wednesday, February 04, 2004

My first Holga roll

Finally finished my first roll of film for my Holga.
A camera which I bought almost half a year ago, took ages for me to gather up the courage to go purchase the film because everything I've read about the 120mm film indicates that that film size is used by professionals. Therefore, kinda intimidating. Not to mention the pre-conceived notion of self looking like an idiot when asking for film and getting condescending stare from photo shop owners.
Taking the finished roll to the shop didn't take as long even though notion still in head about shop owner wondering what idiot took such crappy photos with pro films.
What's there to lose?
Film already used.
Can't possibly let it rot.

... can but the pull to see how crappy photos taken out weighed that inclination.

Shots came back. OK. Mostly crappy shots. Everything was in portrait?!?!
Didn't know it was going to be in that orientation. Thought all was coming out landscape.
Held the camera the right side up. Guess 120mm requires you to shoot the opposite way as regular cams.
Will try and scan and crop so that photos won't look as crappy.

Wait for it.

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