Thursday, July 03, 2003

disciplinary action

In all my life, I have never been called in for anything to do with discipline. Always the goody two shoe, I have never even seen the headmistress's office except once when our whole form 5 class were called in due to our dismal results in the trail exams. Of course, I've passed the office often enough and have been in it to retrieve and place things in/from it but I've never been called in to be reprimanded.

So, I was suitably surprised, although I shouldn't, that I was called into Mommy J's office for a discussion on Tuesday. Mommy J's the HR Manager. She's been with the company since her teens. I think this is her first and only company that she's worked for and she's due to retire sometime this year. Everyone knows Momma J. She's nice and all but she tends to talk to everyone like she's your mother. Hence my nickname for her here.

Anyway, the ass of a manager wrote her emails about my late comings and of my one incident of not returning to the office after a meeting.

Ok. I admit it. I'm always late for work but I don't always go back 5.30pm on the dot either. I didn't know that I was signing into a clock watching company. I didn't plan on becoming a clockwatcher but if they insist, I can always do that. BUT ... they argue that staying late is our responsibility cause we couldn't finish our work. Like that is our fault when they keep piling work on us. Even work that we insist we don't have the skills required for it. "You'll just have to learn it." Geez!

So, I sat in Mommy J's office listening for about an hour of punctuality stories and about the previous GM who was a stickler for puntuality, blah blah blah ...

Of course, I gave her back my two cents about the ass manager as well. About his double standards; "I don't mind if you come back late for lunch as long as you're with good company.", about his deficiencies at meetings and understanding clients and of his uncaring for his subordinate's welfare.

Then today, he talked to me after a discussion on a project. Going on and on again about how he doesn't want to be our enemy that he's been trying to help us (In some invisible way? Nobody knows how he's helping.) and hopes that we will invite him along for lunches and dinners.

Yeah! Sure. Like when hell freezes fucking over mate!

You report me to the management and you're expecting to make nice NOW?! Get fucking real you asshole!

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