Tuesday, July 08, 2003

The Blogger Meetup Report

Finally, a real bloggers meet. I've thought about having one when I found out about Meetup.com. However, I don't know the bloggers in Malaysia and therefore, wouldn't know how well attended it would be. That was about a year ago anyway and needless to say, I didn't follow up on it.

So, when I found out about the bloggers meetup through PPS, I thought I'd just drop in to check it out. ALONE. I didn't know Rach was going until I saw her postings at the Kotaraya group and Grace's replies to them.

Off I went on an ungodly hour of 9am on a non-working Saturday to pick up Rach and head towards KLCC. We were suppose to meet up with Grace prior to the meet but I was late.

Rach and I was outside the front entrance, she needed a smoke and to get in touch with Grace, when I saw a guy looking slightly at a loss trying to get someone on the phone. "A possible bloghead?" I thought. Ha ha ... turns out I was right. He was seated at the table with all the blogheads when Grace finally came out to get us. I learned later that he is Khalil.

First impressions? The first one that stood out must have been Kaz. Big guy, long hair, looks like someone who's willing to sit in front of a terminal indefinitely. I didn't even notice the SAP t-shirt until someone pointed it out during the introductions. Then there's Adi who was sitting quitely in the corner wondering what he was doing with this bunch of people. Sarini is tiny!

I was hungry so I didn't really look around the table but reached for the menu instantly. However, I did notice that all the guys were on one side of the table and the girls on the other. Is gender segregation still in? :)

Anyway, it was interesting meeting everyone ... well, everyone that I dared talked to anyway. I'm not comfortable talking to strangers and I must confess that I have never read the blogs of everyone present save for Rach and Grace and of course Aiz.

After the meet, Rach, Grace and I went shopping. I actually bought some stuff. Surprising cause I usually just window shop but I bought a hairband and erm ... some unmentionables. Found out that I left the latter package at Evita only after I sent Rach home so I had to drive all the way back to KLCC for it, making a pitstop to drop off that night's complimentary ticket to Tosca at Prem's.

I got Grace to pick up my package. That was an exasperating exercise on itself due to my chronic mobile's battery. Urgh! I've lost count of the time I turned the bloody thing on just to get two sentences to Grace. So frustrated I was that I went shopping for a new phone. :D Excuses? Maybe but I really needed either a new battery or a new phone. I got myself a Nokia 2100. Never heard of a 2100 before but it's relatively small compared to my 3210 and light and it was only RM499, way below my budgeted RM600 so I'm happy.

Basically, I spent almost the whole day at KLCC that day. By the time I got back to KLCC the second time, it was already 4pm and since I'm suppose to be at Istana Budaya for the night's performance of Tosca at 6pm, I just lepaklah at Burger Kings reading my never ending copy of Mansfield Park and dozing off several times. :D

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