Tuesday, June 17, 2003

snail mail

Nervousness is taking over my life!

I have been trolling the forum constantly looking for things that I can participate in. Even though I've been there for about two months now, I still have not been nominated for codes - you need that to join in the objects [Land Mail Art Objects] that are offically listed on the site. Forum is for us wannabe nervoussers. So that we have somthing to work with while salivating/looking longingly after the official objects.

Anyway, I've been enjoying the mails that have been trickling in dedicated to moi. You've got mail.

Hmmm ... that gave me an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if there is a mechanism that announces that 'you have mail' once you get in the house or when you press a button or something? It'll work something like the answering machine. Hmmm ... which means there should be a light/led installed somewhere that indicates that you have mail.

Right so ... mails. Enjoy them. Sent out about four of the just an hour ago. Some ATC swaps. Costed me RM11.30 on stamps. Ouch! *sigh* that's the only drawback of this enjoyable endeavour. Most of the people there are in the US or North America or Europe. Asians are a rarity. And if I ever there evere come a time where Malaysian will go to for a trading session or a make and trade session, I might have to wait until I'm old and grey.

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