Wednesday, June 18, 2003

the cats are all out and the mice are sluggish

Despite the anticipation of the event (cats out of the office), somehow the day is turning out to be quite a let down. The bad company has been planning for late lunches and going to the HQ for 'upgrades' to escape from the dread of the office since last week. Lunch was late but not that late either. Only about 10 minutes late plus we were with 'good company' which, according to the idiot cat, he didn't mind if we were out with the 'good company'.

Somehow the office seems quiter today. Lots of people are out. I wonder where they went.

The office have become sort of a military camp since the newly (two weeks ago) announced company restructure. Spot checks by the new GM himself on our punctuality sounds quite ridiculous to me. With concern only being the times that we get back into the office; ie. start of work & getting back from lunch. Does it not matter that we worked late the night before? Or the highway was clogged up for hours on end? Or we went out late for lunch?

Seems like it isn't.

Add to this, I am unable to test out my codes cause there seems to be an error with the development server. I can't get my servlet engine to work and the idiot-server-password-hogger is on leave. Which means I'm just basically sitting down and not doing much.

So, I'm just browsing throug the pages and reading up on what's going on on the blogging front. Hmmm ... lots of talk about structured blogging.


I should find out more about RSS and Trackbacks. I'm using MT on another site and they offer those features but I have yet to use them. I don't really know how they functionn actually. Must read up.

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