Tuesday, May 27, 2003

an ordinary weekend

kids rehearsing for their performance

Nothing much happened over the weekend. Had to work on Saturday and went home at noon with plans of having a short little nap before starting on some ATCs and a quick shower before heading for One Utama for the show with the Phil for a Kiwanis dinner.

*sigh* ... plans tend to go awry.

So, I went home, set the alarm on my phone for 3.00 and promptly fell asleep. That was at 2pm.

Awhile later, I woke up thinking that it's weird that I felt like I've slept for a really long time and yet the alarm hasn't gone off. Lo and behold ... it's 5pm. The time that I'm suppose to be at One Utama.

A rush through shower and a mad dash drive later, I was there. Thankfully, they've yet to begin rehearsal; not like they could anyway seeing as how I have the pedal for the bass drum and the stool for the side drum(?).

All went well though. We rehearsed, had dinner and then it was showtime. The audience were very appreciative which is always good for us. So, yay!

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